Are you struggling with absenteeism, turnover, and disengagement in your organization? It’s time to address the root cause: your workplace culture. Many companies make the mistake of superficial efforts to their workplace culture, like free coffee and ping pong tables, but true enrichment comes from creating an environment where employees feel valued, connected, and motivated. 

You can break free from a blame economy and build a culture where people want to contribute at work, not just collect a paycheck. A productive culture begins and ends with communication. Nothing helps someone feel they can be successful like clearly communicated expectations, reinforced by a robust recognition program.

Is upgrading your workplace culture worth the time and energy? Engaged and motivated employees contribute more than just their time; they bring ideas, efficiencies, and productivity to the organization. According to BambooHR data, happy workers are nearly twice as likely to prioritize work effectively, solve problems creatively, and put time and energy into tasks. 

Take the case of a state-wide manufacturer and distributor I worked with: burnt out and struggling with absenteeism, the owners were at their wits end with what to do about their staff’s lack of productivity. After investing the time to prioritize clear communication, clear expectations, and clear recognition, they achieved greater production with the same employees, fostering a culture of engagement and success. After they had made the change, a 50+ year old manager told me “this is the best life I have ever had at work”.

Productive and sustained workplace enrichment goes beyond superficial perks. It’s about creating a nurturing environment where employees feel valued and supported, an environment where they can grow and be recognized for their work, an environment where people want to be.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking ping pong tables or free lunches are enough. By developing a deliberate culture supported by purposeful leadership, you too can transform your workforce into people who sing in the shower every day because they’re excited to go to work. 

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