Many leaders are tired of waking up to a sense of defeat, knowing that they and their team are struggling with overwhelm. They are feeling the toll that disengagement, absenteeism, and turnover take on their organization’s bottom line. 

They are frustrated and looking for a single solution.

Unfortunately, some leaders I talk to look only at strategies to alleviate their problems. They believe that if their strategy is sound, then the team will simply implement and success will be inevitable. 

Engagement, however, is a little more complicated than that. It requires addressing the personal, emotional, and psychosocial effects that a disjointed culture has on people. 

Strategy alone will not save your bottom line or your sanity.

By aligning your strategy to your workplace culture, your organization’s leadership skill set, and your business operations, you can create efficient systems that empower individuals and create outcomes that ripple through your organization, families, and communities.

The symptoms of overwhelm: disengagement, burnout, absenteeism, and turnover are daunting and costly but are not insurmountable.  It requires a recipe of interventions and operational changes that impact both how work gets done and who behind the work is doing it. An in-depth survey will reveal ingredients that need to be integrated across functions, people, and processes. 

The integrated recipe raises all ships, empowering front-line workers and freeing up time and headspace for managers and leaders to focus on the next big idea, forward-thinking goals, and operational metrics.

Take the story of one of our clients, who today is a successful entrepreneur.  As his business began to grow, his list of responsibilities covered 20 hours a day, seven days a week. He was so overwhelmed when we first met with him that he even struggled to carve out the one hour needed to onboard the consulting team he hired to solve his overwhelm.

When we interviewed his staff, we learned where we could connect his workplace expectations with his strategy to provide coaching leadership lessons at the manager and front-line employee levels. 

After implementing the recipe that aligned his strategy with his culture, he was able to carve back 10 hours per week to be the CEO again, to dream about the future again, and to strategize about what comes next.

Imagine no longer sleeping with one eye open, or no longer feeling on call 24/7. Don’t let overwhelm hold you back from achieving your dreams. Look beyond the single panacea solution and create an environment where people thrive and profits do too.

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