How We Deliver

Pulling from our diverse trainings and customized programs we deliver solutions that fit your needs.


The coaching relationship can take on many different forms. We enjoy working with our clients to determine the appropriate meeting frequency and modality that meets your schedule and goals.

Our coaching support has varied from helping identify best new hires, to empowering front line managers, to invigorating C-Suite executives. From one to one to group coaching, both live and digital, our primary goal is to ensure that the logistics match up successfully and easily with the defined purpose.


Consulting is a time-bound partnership around a specific task, initiative or change. We can work onsite with individuals and teams, or work remotely helping to guide the set course, and reinforce positive behaviors.

We enjoy helping you define and achieve your strategic goals, while also offering focused attention to the team members who are setting the sails for successful implementation.

Conferences / Retreats

Whether you prefer an inspirational hour-long talk, or need custom tailored sessions of 1-3 Day interactive events, we can meet your needs. All of our programs are designed to inspire teams to step back from day-to-day doings, to gain a broader and renewed perspective on what’s important to support unified goals and foster a positive workplace culture.

Keynote Speaking

A good keynote speech frames a conference retreat or workshop in a way that inspires participants to take action. Our keynotes establish a theme and tone designed to uplift the participants. We pride ourselves on connecting with and motivating diverse audiences to rise to their best selves.

Private Coaching

Sometimes executives feel isolated, or have a sense of getting “lost at sea” in times of upheaval and change. Private coaching is a powerful method for helping leaders define challenges and achieve the clarity they need to thrive and move forward. A trusted confidant in one’s back pocket can provide distance from emotional drama and tame the overwhelm.

Having a private coach gives support when its needed, not just when it happens to be scheduled on the calendar. Contact us to find out more about how our executive coaching packages can offer both strength and flexibility.

Workshops & Training

Pulling from the disciplines of anthropology, psychology, quantum mechanics, and the neurosciences, our trainings are robust while also being accessible and digestible.

Have a topic? We have a diverse catalog of trainings to choose from or, we can easily custom a learning opportunity for your team.

Virtual Courses

Some types of learning are best absorbed at your timing, at your pace. When learning a new skillset, it can be difficult to find the time to fit training in between day to day responsibilities – especially for rising managers and emerging leaders.

Our diverse training programs can be customized to meet your training and development goals on your schedule.

VIP Days

If you need to focus on a topic that requires a full day’s worth of attention developing an intensive, deep dive plan, we have solutions.

In a live, focused time-block, we can assist in uncovering concerns and issues that are keeping you and your team stagnant or ineffective. We are adept at helping you discover buried treasures, in order to reap opportunities for greater success.