Professionals working with Alchemie Academy learn how to get out of their own way, to stand in their strength and to become the powerful, recognized leaders they were meant to be.



rue leadership lies at the intersection between the inner and outer game. The personality of the leader and the skillset they employ are intrinsically intwined with hidden beliefs, values, biases, and strengths. A willingness to identify and acknowledge these personal and professional assets or weaknesses is critical to growth, profitability, and satisfaction between leaders and employees.

Due to the current climate and uncertainty navigating the elusive “The New Normal”, leadership practices have never been more important. How leaders rise to meet adversity will be remembered, creating legacy and proving lasting worth in the new economy.

It is not just your reputation on the line, it is your ability to climb out of the overwhelm created by continuous global change to a platform where you and your team thrive.

The most successful leaders will grok the challenges of global change and use that knowledge to climb with agility toward a future platform of strength. These skills are identifiable and learnable.

By engaging with Alchemie Academy, professionals will learn how to get out of their own way, stand in their strength and become the powerful, recognized leaders they were meant to be.

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    Facilities Professional

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  • Emotional Intelligence for
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Case Studies

A rising development officer needed to learn how to gracefully ask donors for money. We helped her identify and overcome some deep rooted, limiting beliefs about wealth that she had been carrying around for a long time. She has now been successfully raising money through face to face asks, and conversations about money no longer hold her back.

Newly promoted into a leadership position, a facilities supervisor needed to create his leadership identity for the first time. Through a combination of training materials and one-on-one coaching, we guided him to become a shining example of a leader who now gets asked to travel to other locations in his company to speak about his experience.

A solopreneur supporting other business executives was searching for certification to establish market credibility for her underperforming business. In an executive mentorship program she learned to identify that her best source of credibility is her own authenticity. Today she is operating at capacity, often with a waiting list of clients wanting to work with her.

A family run business was struggling with poor operational communication – exacerbated by assumption and office gossip. Workshopping communication models with a focus on having brave conversations with grace, we helped them establish communication structures and boundaries to keep them safe from dangerous interpersonal assumptions.

An executive at a global distribution company was frustrated by not having a safe place to be vulnerable, a place where they could try on new ideas and experiment with the right words – without work colleagues present. In private and small group executive mentoring, she finds the white space to try ideas on and to feel less isolated and alone.

A business owner at the end of a long and successful career, transitioned into retirement with a strong sense that she had more to give. We helped her uncover her unique client process for her new consulting business, while mitigating the change fatigue that naturally comes from pivotal life transitions.

A franchise owner knew that her success depended on the success of her small and essential staff. She needed to build them up to reach her goals, but it needed to be subtle. We provided quarterly day-long workshops developing self-worth, resiliency, confidence, communications skills, and cohesion. As the business thrived, so did each of the individual employees.

The successor in a stable family-owned, small business was struggling to grow from management to leadership. The succession plan needed him to evolve into the executive level while his actions were mired in reaction mode. We helped him develop leadership skills and awareness above his mid-level manager mindset, learning the impact of both internal and external awareness. His growth trajectory was buoyed by the development of his identity and his operational awareness within the organization.

A regional non-profit with several different service models, was operating from the fractured successes of the past. They needed to serve new constituents and capitalize on new opportunities while building operational stability. Working with their leadership team and their board of directors, we helped them develop a functional strategic plan that created both growth in service and financial consistency.

LEADERSHIP Testimonials

It was as if I had been in a pitch dark room full of coffee tables, constantly banging my shins and stubbing my toes. I had spent 20 years trying to learn where all of the tables were while working harder to see in the dark – Jenean helped me turn on the light.

Meg H. Kilberg, Law
In regards to your Leadership Coaching, it has played a significant role in my success as a supervisor! Your mentorship instilled the confidence in me to pursue avenues I would’ve never thought possible. Your ability to make situations relatable has allowed me to gain new perspectives, thus making me a stronger leader. I couldn’t achieve this without your coaching!
Fabian F. Citizens, Bank
Transformation often connotes a dramatic change from one state to another. But the transformation that Alchemie Academy delivers is one of a subtler, yet no less powerful, form, somewhat akin to that of the sculptor painstakingly chiseling away the extraneous stone to reveal the figure beneath. Michelangelo himself believed that every block of stone has a statue inside and it was the task of the sculptor to bring it to light. In working with Jenean, you see the same brand of faith at work as she systematically strips away the layers of restraint, false beliefs, and fear to reveal the more confident, capable, and complete person waiting impatiently inside to be released. It’s a process of revelation in the truest sense.
Sean A., HYPO2 High Performance Sport Center
Choosing to work with Alchemie Academy has been one of the best business and personal decisions I have made! With her coaching I am transforming my business so it’s a better fit for me which leads to greater ease in how I earn income.
Trudi W. , Energy Savings Services
Jenean’s program Stand In Your Strength has been one of, if not the best coaching programs I have been involved with! I have gained confidence, peace of mind in a stressful environment, and so much more to give me true strength in my business as well as my personal life. It is so worth the investment and I highly recommend you to look into this program – you will be so glad that you did!
Sandra Munier

With Jenean’s help – I finally got to the bottom of WHY I was stuck. I knew that I was stuck, I knew what was contributing to keeping me there, I knew that it sucked and I wanted to move forward. But with other coaching and books and counseling – I still wasn’t going anywhere new. Jenean’s blueprint and approach helped me get to the root of how I had gotten stuck in the first place – and then I had the information I needed to treat the problem and not just the symptoms.

Craig M. , Arizona Integrative Hypnotherapy