If your organization has more than one human then you already have a workplace culture.

Workplace Culture

It’s impossible to pick up a business journal these days and NOT see an article about workplace culture. In this post-pandemic world organizations must face the real consequences of how staff and teams not only work, but how they feel in their positions. How should leaders perform to balance and shape workplace culture in order to attract good employees that are motivated to stay in their jobs?

Our Alchemie Academy Team has studied workplace culture for over 20 years. We can help you identify the characteristics and influencers in your current culture to determine whether they are beneficial or subversive. We can also teach you how to consciously develop, shape, and enrich your future culture to match your performance goals and strategies.

The best customer experiences come from a consistent, happy, and engaged workforce.
Our clients thrive from an enriched workplace culture. It shows up in their productivity, their profitability, their retention, their lower absenteeism, and their ability to recruit.


The successful journey to a positive workplace culture for some of our clients began and resolved like this:

A national facility services company was focusing too much on their strategy to solve their financial issues, when the solution wasn’t strategy but culture. We helped them create a workforce atmosphere where employees felt like they belonged, were supported, and were successful that they began inviting friends and family to apply. Word of mouth from satisfied employees filled the empty, billable vacancies.

This small business owner was confused about the aspects of his culture that really made a difference in creating a sense of belonging and membership. We helped him implement systems to create a culture where employees want to stay.

Several clients in higher education have experienced significant burnout in recent years of having to do more with less. We used sociocultural anthropological strategies to tap into intrinsic motivation and drive. By helping them to stand in their strength and tame their overwhelm, we guided the revitalization of the work force.

It’s a common misconception that a workplace culture forms ONLY in a physical space. We’ve helped clients across several industries bridge the gap between distance and membership to create and nurture a sense of belonging amongst separated employees.

A large manufacturing plant had a workforce that was simply punching the clock. True engagement is the key toward employees that are productive and last, but many owners and leaders don’t know how to systematically foster it beyond financial rewards. We helped them develop a whole host of systems all designed to for their specific and unique ideal workplace culture.

A sprawling regional financial services organization found a widening gap between what leadership at the headquarters thought was possible and what the employees out in the field were accomplishing. Confusion between policy and practice often creates communication and expectation misalignment. We helped connect the beliefs of what is possible throughout the organization.

A community focused service complany was a afraid to take the next growth steps and dilute the positive wpc they had leveraged in their team and their sales process. We helped them capture and communicate the elements of their workplace culture map. From the culture map we developed an honest and transparent growth plan throughout the employee lifespan from original job posting to exit interview.

By leaning on the strengths of Alchemie Academy all of these organizations were able to leverage our “on-demand” support without having to hire full-time employees. Today these companies thrive knowing they can call on us whenever they are faced with challenges beyond their current capabilities.

Program Examples

  • Workplace Culture Assessment

  • Culture Change

  • Culture Map

  • Hiring for Fit

  • Leveraging Your Onboarding

  • Hiring Process Reset

  • Enrich Your Workplace
    Culture Bootcamp

  • The Emotionally
    Intelligent Team


This has been such an amazing experience over the last 6 years that I have been working with (this program) AA and with Jenean. The next thing I know, the employees are asking for the next session with Jenean. They got so much out of it. They could feel the difference.
Melissa C. , State Farm Insurance

We read about so many corporations who bring in new CEOs and upper management to increase productivity and profits. Why do so many end up creating tension, turnover, or resistance? Jenean’s Enrich Your Workplace Culture Bootcamp will give you insights as to how this happens and provide common sense tools to help you create positive shifts in your workplace culture that will help build more positive and productive teams and build a place where employees are HAPPY to come to work!

Trudi W. , Energy Savings Services