Jenean helped me to fit all my jigsaw pieces together.

Her energy and commitment to taking me on my journey was incredible and I can’t thank her enough. I always felt understood, supported, happy and so energised in the sessions and this uplifted me for days afterwards and gave me such motivation to focus on what I needed to do. Going further inwards to really release what needed to come out and be seen.

I am now confident and ready to get out there fully knowing that I can deliver the outcomes for my clients. Jenean helped me to identify how I achieve these outcomes, integrating my own journey and key learnings into my newly defined and structured programme. I was initially a little resistant to structure as I intuitively work with clients and what comes up but Jeanean made me see clearly the benefit of structure to how I can show my clients what results they can expect, and to enable me to measure their success along the way.

I loved that Jenean helped me to bring out who I am into the language and content of my programme, writing it to attract my ideal clients, really showing who I am and what I uniquely bring. It felt so freeing to find someone who truly understood me and this ignited my own creativity and motivation to create such a solid platform for my work that feels authentic and true to me and will help so many people make a valuable impact.

– Catherine C.

Merk entered my life at exactly the right moment. I was in my mid-40s, in a rut and in need of a new lens through which to view my life. Meeting Merk during a time we were both living in Belize was just the divine shift I had been waiting for. I noticed right away Merk’s love of life and lightness of being, and once I got to know her better, I realized this state of abundance was cultivated through a commitment and discipline to “living as if the universe was tilted in her favor,” (to steal one of my favorite pearls of her wisdom!). Merk gifted me a copy of her book, Finding Your Lighthouse, and it was exactly the shift in perspective I needed to begin to see where I was selling myself short and the opportunities I had to step into my power.

Taking the initial concepts from Finding Your Lighthouse deeper through the coursework in the Alchemy Leadership Academy has been a blessing. Merk has a gift for taking complicated concepts and delivering them in a way that is understandable and relatable. Her lectures feel as though you’re having coffee with a close friend, enjoying an intimate, life altering discussion! I have found new ways to navigate my life with effects that are powerful and sustainable, and I believe that with Merk’s guidance, I am living with love, generosity and compassion, while at the same time enjoying standing in my strength.

– Shannon Reeder

Our organization, Building, Insight, Leadership & Development (BILD), hired Jenean Merkel Perelstein as the featured speaker at our 2019 Leadership Clinic. Jenean joined us to share her research and wisdom as she presented her “Stand in Your Strength Strategies.” Jenean definitely met our expectations. Her material was relevant and pertinent to our attendees as we are challenged to navigate our current leadership roles. Her presentation style was interactive, engaging, and well organized. Jenean is a friendly, focused, and exceptionally knowledgeable speaker who inspired and motivated the attendees to “get out of their own way and become the powerful and recognized leaders they are meant to be.” We recommend Jenean to any professional group or business looking to bridge the gaps between policy and practice.

–Tami M. Griffin

I was at a mastermind retreat in Belize when I met Jenean, and Jenean did a session where she taught us the power of meditation. I’ve always known that meditation was necessary, I’ve always known that it was something that a lot of people incorporate into their rituals, but I can’t say I understood it or knew how to do it. So, Jenean took us through all of the wonderful benefits of meditation, she taught us how to make ourselves our priority and how to uplevel our life. Then, she graciously led us through a guided session. I was so impacted by what she taught and how she delivered it that I have made a commitment to the next 365 days. So, thank you Jenean for introducing me, to another way, that I can uplevel my life and live life on purpose and with intention. I appreciate you.

– Yalonda Heywood

I recently had the opportunity to be in a private session with Jenean, and I’m telling you in short order she eliminated inefficiencies in both my personal and professional lives. She helped me to better visualize and position my gifts and talents to work best for me. She taught me how impactful daily meditation can be on my mind, body, and spiritually. The tools she gifted me with have transformed how I start my days and thusly how I finish them. Jenean thank you for the gifts of illumination and transformation my life. I will be forever changed because of you.

– Dr. Sheri Prentiss

This has been such an amazing experience over the last 6 years that I have been working with (this program) AA and with Jenean. The next thing I know, the employees are asking for the next session with Jenean. They got so much out of it. They could feel the difference.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the work that we have done together through this program and would do it all over again…and we continue to do it! We just said we need another day with Jenean!

– Melissa Cripps

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“Choosing to work with Alchemie Academy has been one of the best business and personal decisions I have made.”
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