Scott Perelstein

Chief Operating Officer

Scott is a Change Management Specialist, Executive Coach, and has been supporting teams in times of change for more than 20 years. He knows how to enrich a sense of humanity in workers from the highest level of administration to the front lines.

Scott has a knack for building rapport with his clients and getting to the heart of difficult issues with ease and grace by analyzing the interrelationships of complex systems with a holistic approach. He is at his best when he is helping individuals see their own potential in leading their teams or employees. His approachable demeanor, along with a keen sense of details from a variety of inputs, leads to lasting results.

As a facilities specialist, Scott consults clients in the facilities world through the lens of a Contractor, an Owner and a Director. He has managed hundreds of employees and cared for millions of square feet. As a Director in higher education, He led Northern Arizona University’s Environmental Caucus and served as a representative to the President’s Cabinet.

Scott is experienced in project and financial management including a fiscal facilities budget of $12M annually and as President & CEO of a real estate Investment firm. Scott has also developed, chaired, and advised numerous boards in both the public and non-profit sectors, focusing on strategic and succession planning as well as leadership development.

He affects change for others while leaning on his proven systems. For example, when using his Hiring for Fit program he goes beyond the typical qualitative aspects of experience and education. Scott guides leaders to create a vision of the perfect candidate and to think proactively about how a new hire will augment or disrupt the team.

If some of your supervisors get promoted without receiving professional development, Scott’s Now I’m In Charge, What Does That Mean program helps set your new managers up for success from day 1. He evaluates the skills gap, creates a training plan and mentors the new manager so you will BOTH be successful! And his Leadership for the Emerging Professional takes their skills to the next level.

Scott draws on his Applied Economics and Business Management degree from Cornell University where he focused on leading teams through the lens of entrepreneurship. Working in Germany he met his business partner and wife, Jenean, while on the ski slopes. Together, they have a passion for travel, which they share with their 2 grown children. They moved back to the states in 2023 from Belize where they spent 2 years living and working.