To make it stick, you must capture the processes, expectations, and policies so that it can become permanently part of the organization’s DNA.

Business Strategy


any businesses fail to thrive because they become unnecessarily reactive to the external environment. This is the result of not having a clear set of navigational charts to rely on when the going gets tough. An effective internal business structure captures processes, policies and procedures, and must permanently integrate into the DNA of your organization in order to handle stormy weather, and steer clear of inevitable obstacles.

Here are some problems that we, at Alchemie Academy, have successfully helped companies to fix:

  • Haphazard sales process feeling like a new invention everytime

  • Frequent employee turnover by an exhausted and overwhelmed workforce

  • Undocumented scope of work/RFP processes

  • Reactionary to fleeting and poorly communicated strategies

  • Hiring employees who are a bad fit for the organization

  • A mismatch between policy and practice

  • Change fatigue from poorly managed and incessant change

  • Scattered implementation with poor change management
  • Marginal results from poorly managed change


  • An office realized they didn’t need more sales, they needed higher sales and the limiting factor was the self-worth of the sales team. We developed a series of strategy days to raise up the whole office.
  • A family run business with no formal policies ran into expensive legal and relationship turmoil. We created communication guidelines, functional labor divisions, and training on how to have brave conversations with one another.
  • A family owned business that grew fast, went from an exciting and fun startup to living reactionary, exhausting work days. We helped them create systems to triple their revenue while creating a succession plan and developing the next phase of leaders.
  • A culturally iconic arts organization with extensive facilities was working off of a long expired operational contract based on pre-growth phase spaces, outdated practices, and old expectations. We guided them through an RFP process formalizing business operations and codifying policies, practices, and expectations across all operations.
  • A successful small business founder, had all of the intellectual capital of the company in her head. We helped her develop systems that are replicable, measurable, and sellable — capturing a valuble body of Intellectual Property.
  • An essential division within a financial services company were exhausted by constant change. We engaged in aligning the culture with new efficient policies, bringing light to a group downtrodden by change fatigue.
  • At Alchemie Academy we combine customized consulting with our proven programs developing solutions to ensure you and your organization are operating at your highest level.

Program Examples

  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Directions
  • Business Operations Audit/Assessment and Implementations
  • Project Management
  • Mission, Vision, Values Retread
  • Sales Personal Strengths Inventory
  • Seasonal Excellence Plan
  • Tame Your Overwhelm First Aid Kit


Merk worked with us to review and improve our business plan, from the highest level down to the nuts and bolts of how to manage a day. She’s fun, positive, and a delight to work with!

Jay M. , CoreBalance Therapy
I completed my first retreat with Jenean at Alchemie Academy today and it changed my life. I talked differently, things feel different, and I feel different. I feel so very focused, like a cloud has been lifted. I wonder how I got so far astray. With my new purpose my vision seems so much clearer now.
Tim P. , Cleaning Management Concepts
After 2 months of collaborating with Alchemie Academy I was able to shave off over 10 hours of day to day work from my weekly schedule, more to come!
Evan A. , Drinking Horn Meadery

Scott demonstrated exceptional project management skills, effectively coordinating tasks, resources, and timelines to ensure success. His leadership abilities shine through in his capacity to inspire and guide team members towards shared goals. Scott’s professional experience and positive attitude were instrumental in driving positive outcomes.

Macie S., University of Illinois