Are you frustrated by the challenge of disengaged employees and the resulting loss of productivity? Today, so many leaders see their team members show up half-heartedly, solely for their paycheck. The same clients ask us how to build engagement and create a workplace where people feel valued. The answer? Create a sense of belonging.

In today’s individualistic society, employees often are motivated by a sense of belonging and need to see how their role contributes to the bigger picture. A lack of feeling connected frequently leads to absenteeism, inefficiency, and negativity, costing your organization dearly. Leaders calling on a consistent connection with the mission empower individuals to see themselves as integral parts of a larger system. 

When employees understand their role in the larger process and feel connected to their work – they lean in. When employees understand the impact their actions have on the team and feel a sense of belonging – productivity rises and turnover falls. When employees have clearly articulated expectations, supported by consistent coaching, and topped with a thoughtful and consistent recognition program – high performance becomes the cultural norm.

Consider the case of a leadership group in Massachusetts. This team was plagued by poor outcomes, isolated efforts, and disengagement. They were failing, and resignations were getting expensive. We developed a sense of belonging that resulted in a cohesive team, improved outcomes, and decreased perceived effort among the employees.

According to Indeed, happy workers are nearly twice as likely to prioritize work effectively and contribute creatively. Investing in employee engagement is no longer just a luxury, it is a necessity for success in today’s work economy.

Don’t fall into the trap of believing that a paycheck alone guarantees engagement. Establish a focused program engendering a sense of belonging in every employee of your organization and watch your metrics report the performance you always knew should be possible. Engagement is not just about improving morale; it is about boosting overall productivity and the direct link between productivity and your bottom line.